STAK CO. was founded in 2014 by Sarah Mak. 

It stemmed from the love for a good arm party and basically being utterly obsessed with bracelets from the young and tender age of 3. I was that child that had bracelets going up to her elbow and I had absolutely no issue rocking that. However as I grew up and my style and tastes change, I was unable to find the perfect bracelets that were unique, on trend - yet classic, STAK-able and at a reasonable price with that I started STAK CO to meet those needs.

All the beads used to make our bracelets are made from stone, glass and/or natural materials. All materials are sourced in Toronto, Ontario because here at STAK CO. we want to support our local retailers therefore making all of our bracelets Canadian made (and yes, we are proudly Canadian!)

Each design is created and hand made by STAK CO as well, and each bracelet is unique due to the nature of the individual beads.

Upon ordering, each piece is made to order.

proudly Canadian